Patient Review

Having a root canal would hardly be anyone's idea of fun or pleasant. This being said, Dr. Parks and his staff were amazing. His assistants (whose name I have forgotten, unfortunately) were informative and sweet. I have a bizarre sense of humor when I'm nervous. They went along with it without making me feel dumb. Dr. Parks joked with me was well. Beyond that, the procedure was nearly painless. I had been worried because he doesn't offer nitrious gas. To me, the worst part of dental procedures is the first numbing shots. Dr. Parks was amazing. It pinched but not so badly it hurt. Once he started, I had earbuds in. I did not have on my glasses, so I was not able to see my playlist. His assistant would tell me exactly which play list I had and then select it. When the procedure was done, my jaw was locked open. I have to admit this was frightening. Dr. Parks just popped it back in place. It sounds painful but it wasn't. To me, the most amazing part of that was he was calm. He just sat me up and popped it back in. I needed no pain medicine other than Tylenol. I wish he did all dental work. I'd go to him.

- Lin R

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